Entire nation stands with PM, says Kashmiri pandit group on Citizenship Act

Mr. Agnishekhar, that was stung by a lot of different frontrunners of this band adding its own chairman Ajay Chrungoo, mentioned that the choice to grant citizenship into persecuted Hindus of Pakistan,'' Bangladesh along with Afghanistan can be actually a massive selection from the Modi govt to deal with mutilations imposed on Hindus throughout the rule.

"Condition of India for long'd been performing like a hostile entity involving the civilisational duties of this state of India.  Congress regimes experienced altered country of India to a tool to wage warfare over the civilisational id of this state of India,''" Mr. Agnishekhar stated.

Panun Kashmiran organisation of Kashmiri migrant pandits, on Sunday welcomed the departure of this Declaration (Amendment) expenses at the houses of parliament and stated that the"total state stands favorably with primary Minister Narendra Modi".

He declared the India because liberty opted to stay a creep by-stander into the genocidal attrition unleashed on Hindus still left in Pakistan,'' Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

"The departure of c ab from parliament can be really a fix to guarantee absolute politico-cultural decolonisation of all India.  Decolonising Indian thoughts can be actually a vital requisite for federal integration,''" Convener of Panun Kashmir,'' Agnishekhar, instructed reporters.

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