From affair with actress Mahalakshmi to child abuse, here are allegations made by Jayashree Rao on Isvar Raghunathan

Where-as Mahalakshmi can be really a recognizable name one of it viewer since she participates in several every day soaps which have Vani Rani, Devathaiyai Kanden along with Ponnukku Thanga Manasu amid others.

Meanwhile, the Isvar Raghunathan was detained from the Adyar cops above national violence after gripe from Jayashree Rao.
Even though she'd questioned him he had been enrolling for the house from his mum's identify, Isvar Raghunathan experienced certain that registering his other' identify wouldn't pull in the interest of their Revenue Tax section. 
Detailing the reason why he had been respecting her,'' Jayashree Rao claims he has an affair with his own co star Mahalakshmi.  They truly are doing work collectively in Devathayai Kanden. 
Jayashree Rao has made a surprising allegations in her husband Isvar Raghunathan with a affair with yet another celebrity Mahalakshmi.

As stated by Jayashree Rao, she'd talked into Mahalakshmi to go away her spouse has a family members and also a boy, however, the latter instructed that the former which they certainly were simply"friends"
Jayashree Rao and also Isvar Raghunathan wed in 20-16 later being at a partnership for most decades.  They take four-year older girl.
She adds to Isvar Raghunathan abusing his or her son or daughter.

Jayashree Rao tends to make shocking assaulting him in an inebriated state.  She asserts he had been torturing her and also his parents also didn't return for her own rescue.

Nonetheless her husband chose to possess tv calls using Mahalakshmi at bizarre times.  Considering that July 20-19 he was hunting divorce in Jayashree Rao, as the prior has supposedly employed for divorce at August 20-19.

In a meeting, Jayashree Rao has left plenty of allegations in opposition to her spouse.  The celebrity has stated that she wed Isvar Raghunathan irrespective of understanding he had been still an alcoholic.  She yells light pledging her golden decorations to get a flat, that has been enrolled within his mum's title, a couple short years back.

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